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  1. If there is a period, then it was made in the s.
  2. Can you give me any information so I may find the value of this bottle.
  3. Thank you in advance for any info you Dan provide!
  4. Fenton in an oval Fenton Art Glass Company.

Like I said it looks like the patented bottle but then it has the additions to it. Any info would be appreciated. Does anyone know what its worth? Still charged me for two more months and ignored all of my e-mails to stop charging me. Photo courtesy of Taylor McBurney.

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Please also report them, the more of us who do it the more likely they'll act against these low life's who heartlessly play on people's needs for profit. Also any clue what brand of liquor bottle this is? Thank you for creating it!

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Your explanation of the markings on the bottom do not seem to relate to the jar I have. Hello David, great article here full of info. Never noticed it before last week. Because it doesnt in Google.

Based on my review of aerial images of the location, nigerian dating site scams there is no indication of a structure or disturbance of the site post i. Sometimes just a tiny dot is discernible! The lid also has the Good Housekeeping Seal on it.

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Is this what your bottle looks like? Hy May name is Carlos Kaiser and I want to cancel my contract with this company, thank you. If anyone who lands on this site has better information on the changeover, please contact me and I will update the page. Can you give me any information on that and what the bottles might be worth.

My question was the right side date code. Will report to trading standards if they don't refund me. The center I barely has any length. It is clear in color and has a metal screw on type lid along with a wooden rotating handle fitted to a metal bracket attached along the base of the neck. Send to the email address listed at the very bottom of any page on this site.

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They always reply to my emails and solve any possible issues I might have. John, As you know, the bottle was made by Owens-Illinois. Today on my hike I found a bottle. When you're close to receiving commissions, they carry up your payout minimum amount. This is on the side of the bottle, near the bottom.

  • The bottom line is if a Dating site has no business address or a real phone number with real people that you can talk to don't go there.
  • What can you tell me about it?
  • There may or may not be a number mold identifying number situated directly underneath the logo.
  • Bottle molds were often used for a period of many years.
  • How long did owen illinois use the I inside an O mark.

It also has an X in the middle of the jug. Extremely informative with a great forum. Joined one of their sites for a month and cancelled. There are roses bottom and vines with leaves decorating the two sides of the bottle.

You can cancel but make sure you get proof in writing. Bottles and jars with single-digit dates can be distinguished by whether or not there is a period after the date. Some glass companies seem to have used style numbers more often than others. The second mark used by Owens-Illinois Glass Company was phased in during the mid- s with the removal of the diamond. Any idea what it could be?

David, I found a coca cola bottle with the O I logo on the bottom with an F above it and no numbering around it. However I do not have numbers around the logo. Can you help me identify it? Hazel-Atlas Glass Company made alot of containers with style numbers on the bottoms.

It sounds like an amber medicine vial of some type. If you wish you may file a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Canton of Zug where the company is based. The sides of the bottle has sort of a decorative look. Any idea of the year it was made. Please help me to cancel this and I don't want to lose any of my money.

The single-digit codes were used, in some instances, on various bottles and jars of different sizes and shapes over a range of decades. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You have to love the internet, hookup electrical as I just found information on a bottle I found years ago. Thank you for any information you can supply. Can you tell me what year it was made?

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Most bottles from the late s into the s and s have two-digit date codes. Hi Matt, the Very good question! Please check out my page on numbers on the base of bottles.

Then if you cancel they will demand surcharge and threaten further action. That number would probably have been used in invoices, catalogs, etc. Just wondering if there would be any way to find out how many of these were made?

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Hello Nora, These Owens-Illinois decanters and liquor bottles often have code numbers on the bottom that are arranged differently than the more common configuration as seen on most soda bottles. If the transaction successfully posts to the account, I will dispute it and report it immediately. About DatingFactory from the business Description. Helen, It is hard to say for certain. If you respond I would appreciate it very much.

It looks like it was a twist-top style lid and there is still a rusted metal band around the bottom of where the lid was. Of course, the jar could have certainly been discarded on site subsequent to the removal of the original structure as there is a nearby active farmstead. Best regards and God bless, Mary.

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DatingFactory is based in Switzerland. DatingFactory Build your own online dating site using our international private label dating platform, and make money online with our affiliate marketing program for the best dating sites. My experience with Dating Factory Limited stems from their affiliate Expatica Dating and they are behaving like scammers - the Expatica dating site is a fraud. Most recently I found a glass gallon jug, and I have been doing research but am having a hard time dating it. Your site is such a wonderful resource for nosy people like me, and who enjoy old things.

However, I assume they were quite popular and were made in large quantities for that time period. The logo is the I in an oval and a diamond. Don't trust the good reviewer, he must be an affiliate of those guys.

Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Hi David, First, Thank you so much for establishing this website. Diamond-I mark on bottom of amber bottle made by Illinois Glass Company. Does your Coke bottle have a city name on the base for the bottling plant?

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